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Increased susceptibility to infections in Animals

Increased susceptibility to infection is a particular issue in older and weakened animals. Large herds of horses or increased turnover in a stable can also lead to increased susceptibility to infection. Stress and a variety of stresses causedby the environment, feed, lack of exercise and unhealthy husbandry conditions lead to a restrictedimmune system and a […]

The Liver Meridian of the Horse

In TCM, the liver meridian belongs to the element wood and is closely connected to its YANG partner, the gallbladder meridian. The Wood phase is energetically associated with spring, because just as nature changes in spring, the symptoms are also very changeable. Pain comes on suddenly, changes localisation and symptoms and is often accompanied by […]

Understanding and Treating Colic in Horses with Bioresonance Therapy

Colic in Horses on the bicom

Understanding and Treating Colic in Horses with Bioresonance Therapy Colic is a common yet potentially fatal condition in horses that can cause significant distress to both the animal and the owner. In the latest newsletter, we delve into the therapeutic possibilities offered by bioresonance therapy as a complementary treatment to traditional veterinary care. Bioresonance as […]

Sport injuries in horses


Sports injuries crop up again and again in our BICOM practices. They occur in professional sports, but also in recreational riding and are divided into injuries caused by overuse, blunt trauma (e.g. falls), fractures and dislocations as well as sprains (ligament injuries) and overstretching (muscle injuries) Often, over-exertion occurs, in part due to inadequate warm-up, […]

A stud’s last chance

Client Name: Ruth Baß, holistic animal healer from Bachhagel Kissing Spines I hold a professional qualification in horse riding and equine management (Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin) and have been a BICOM therapist for many years. I first became acquainted with bioresonance ten years ago through my father who was practising as a gynaecologist in Augsburg. He hit upon […]

Word of mouth recommendation in the waiting room

Client Name: Sabine Nissen, vet More opportunities than those offered by conventional medicine We mainly use BICOM® bioresonance with allergies and all kinds of injuries but also with eye diseases, for example. It is also ideal for offering protection from ticks. For this, we store the therapy information on what is known as a BICOM® […]

Bicom bioresonance is the last resort for many animal owners

Client Name: Stephanie Dziallas Holistic animal healer I had already heard about bioresonance while training as a naturopath treating both animals and humans. It was clear to me from the outset that I should get a BICOM® device as soon as I opened my own practice. And I have now been working with BICOM® for […]

“As far as I’m concerned, bioresonance has been the greatest discovery of my life”

Client Name: Sabine Lauermann-Bittner Sabine Lauermann-Bittner, vet: In 1989 I opened a small animal practice and, since then, have accumulated a wealth of professional experience. I am a second generation vet and continue to practice my profession enthusiastically and with pleasure. I integrated bioresonance therapy into my practice because I found conventional medical diagnosis and […]