Increased susceptibility to infections in Animals

Increased susceptibility to infection is a particular issue in older and weakened animals. Large herds of horses or increased turnover in a stable can also lead to increased susceptibility to infection. Stress and a variety of stresses causedby the environment, feed, lack of exercise and unhealthy husbandry conditions lead to a restrictedimmune system and a lack of self-healing function.

The impaired function of the immune system is then combined with other stresses such as cold, wind, rapid temperature changes and humidity, whichalso lead to a weakening of energy. The way is then clear for respiratory tract infections,urinary tract infections or other viral and bacterial infections.

In addition to healthy husbandry conditions, the increased intake of nutritional supplements can help during the transition to the cold season and in old age. We can also use the bioresonance method prophylactically.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), aninfection is often preceded by “external influences” such as cold and dampness. Both lead toa weakening of the energy Qi. Cold mainly leads to Qi deficiency and is related to the element water, dampness usually leads to Qi stagnation and is related to the element earth. Treatment should therefore focus on strengthening kidney energy and eliminating spleen Qi stagnation.

In the test set Combined Test Technique (KTT) – 5 Elements, resonance is often found when testing the elements water and earth. If there is asusceptibility to infection with a focus on respiratory infections, the element metal, to whichthe lungs are assigned, may also be disturbed.

Comprehensive testing of the stressful information should, if possible, always be carried out, as described elsewhere and taught in the seminars of the AKI and the Regumed representatives.

If only general preventive measures are to be takenin a standardised manner without prior testing, the following 5 standard therapies have proven effective. They can be carried out at one to two-week intervals as prophylaxis. This involvesworking with the patient’s own information, i.e. the blood or saliva is used in the input cup. The applicators are applied animal-specifically oraccording to the “da-wo” principle. The modulation mat serves as the output for all programmes.

Input cup: blood and or saliva of the animal patient

Input: animal-specific or to “there-where” (where the problem is)

Output: modulation mat in the back or animal patient lies on the mat

Storage medium: of your choice (BICOM Trace Elements, BICOM Oil, BICOM Chip)

Treatment: at weekly or fortnightly intervals

Therapy session 1: 44 minutes in total

Basic therapy                                           10250 (or according to guide value)

Scar removal                                            910.3

General detoxification                             10046 (430.2, 480.1, 930.3)

Activating vitality                                       900.1


Therapy session 2: 48 minutes in total

Basic therapy:                                              10250 (or according to guide value)

Release blockages, deep-seated             3017.0

Improve intestinal flora                             562.0

Thymus activation                                    428.2

Stress reduction 3137.0 *

Complex of substances: Neurology; stress or deep relaxation


Therapy session 3: 48 minutes in total

Release blockage (energetic)                    10027 (918.0, 3084.0)

Weakness, attacks                                     10150 (3125.0, 422.2)

Increase in defence                                    10005 (3003.0, 570.1)


Therapy session 4: 42 minutes in total

Geopathic equalisation                               700.3

Liver detoxification                                      3063.0

Infection defence                                        10077 (3013.0, 950.1, 951.1)

Immunodeficiency                                      3423.0 *

Channel 2 / Liver category Complex of substances: Liver support or Nux vomica D6 or Carduus marianus D6


Therapy session 5: 43 minutes in total

Acidosis                                                       3109.0

Regulation of intestinal activity                    565.0

Regulation, general (stress reduction)        3084.0

Strengthen immune system                        3424.0 *

Regulating the immune system                  3053.0

Complex of substances: Metabolism: Acido


You can use channel 2 to select suitable or other substance complexes for the individual therapy sessions select – example:

Category “Bone marrow/blood”       – – – – – – >        “Immunodeficiency” or “Spleen strengthening”

Category “Goodies”                         – – – – – – >        “Defence enhancement”

Category “Viruses”                          – – – – – – >.        “Viral immunodeficiency


Stabilising ampoules from the KTT or ETT that have been tested in advance with therapy type A and herbal remedies can also be swollen in the yellow cup/comb with the selected substance complex.

If the Combined Test Technique (KTT) 5-Elements is used, the priority disturbed element can be determined and supplemented with the meridian and stress ampoules tested for common resonance as the last step in this standardised scheme. Depending on the type of animal, adjust the therapy time accordingly.

Programme:                                           198.0 A Change therapy time to 5 minutes

Input cup:                                               the ampoules tested in combination with “A”

Output only:                                           modulation mat in the back of the patient

Output:                                                   carrier substance (BICOM Trace Elements, BICOM Oil, BICOM Chip) to support the bioresonance treatment of animal patients.

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