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In this section, you can discover what bioresonance therapy is and how it can be a useful tool to enhance your veterinary practice.

Bioresonance therapy is an alternative treatment method that uses electromagnetic frequencies to address imbalances in the body. When applied to animals, it can help to alleviate a range of health conditions by promoting natural healing processes. This non-invasive therapy is gaining popularity among pet owners who are looking for safe and effective ways to support their animal’s well-being. Learn more about bioresonance therapy for animals and how it may benefit your furry friend.

Bioresonance has long been used to identify and target the root cause of a variety of health problems in people. More recently, this technology has also been applied to pets and other animals with much success. BICOM® bioresonance therapy can be used in the treatment of various types of animals, including, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rodents, Birds and more


What is bioresonance?

Visit our veterinary home page to learn about the scientific principles behind bioresonance therapy. You can also hear the personal experiences and opinions of vets who have already incorporated this method into their practice.


How can this therapy help animals?

Browse through our testimonial section to read success stories that have been written by veterinarians. Read examples of different species of animal with a range of health problems who have been helped through the use of bioresonance.


Where does bioresonance come from?

Read our electronic brochure to explore the history of BICOM® therapy. It then discusses how the different pieces of equipment work and what they are used for. You can then see how this technique can be applicable to veterinary medicine and used alongside conventional treatments.


Would you like to know more?

A range of experiences, research and scientific studies into the efficacy of bioresonance treatment can be found on our Blog section. This is where you can view the latest findings and articles about therapy with the BICOM® or browse the article archives.

You can also learn more about the features of the specific devices in the BICOM® range through our therapy machine page. This can help you to see which product will suit you, your clients and your practice best.

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