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Colic in horses: Part 1 (energetic diagnosis)

Colic is a collective term for diseases in the horse’s gastrointestinal tract. There are different forms, with different symptoms and causes. It usually involves flatulence, cramps, constipation and even intestinal blockages or intestinal obstruction. Colic can become a life-threatening emergency and requires immediate veterinary attention. A distinction is made between different types of colic: Spastic […]

Why should you consider Bioresonance for your pet?

Control of metabolic processes in animals

Control of metabolic processes in animals The metabolic processes in animals include all physical reactions that occur when nutrients are taken in, used or released.¬†Ingested carbohydrates are converted in the body into glucose, for example, the most important simple sugar in carbohydrate metabolism, which serves as the main source of energy for the brain and […]