Treatment concept with a high success rate

Juliana Jaeger uses the bicom in her veterinary practice

It’s been 25 years since I’ve been working with the bioresonance method. Looking back, I can say that bioresonance has given me great fulfillment on my professional path.

Veterinarian with animal dander allergy

Getting started as a veterinarian was anything but easy, as I developed an allergy to animal dander right from the start. The allergic symptoms got so bad that I was urgently advised to give up my job. However, I was lucky in my misfortune and came into contact with a naturopath. Thanks to her treatment with a BICOM® bioresonance device, I got my allergy under control relatively quickly and was able to go back to work without any worries.

Your own BICOM® device

A little later I had the opportunity to purchase a used BICOM® device. The intention was to use it for myself. I didn’t think for a second about using it in my veterinary practice.

The first patient

That changed abruptly when a dog was brought to my practice that was in extremely bad shape. He was multifactorially ill, I didn’t even know where to start first. At that moment, the BICOM® device came to mind. At that time I had not yet attended any bioresonance seminars and had not yet dealt with the application in animals at all. But my intuition said that bioresonance could help this dog.

The treatment was very simple, I just applied a stabilizing standard program that almost always works. The dog let it happen calmly. I agreed with the owner that she would let me know the next day if she noticed any changes. I was very curious what their feedback would be. I waited impatiently for the call. Then finally came the redeeming news, the woman was overjoyed and said her dog was doing much better!

The starting gun

That was the starting signal for BICOM® bioresonance in my practice. From then on, the BICOM® device became an integral part of my therapeutic work. Initially, however, I suffered a few setbacks due to a lack of relevant knowledge. I gradually attended several seminars. In this way, I gained increasing confidence in using it for a wide variety of complaints. As a result, there were even treatment successes in cases where I would have had my back to the wall with pure conventional medicine.

Why BICOM® Bioresonance?

The BICOM® bioresonance method is a targeted and at the same time gentle treatment concept with a high success rate. Through them I experience great joy in my work and feel deep gratitude for the many animals I can help with this method.


Dr Juliana Jaeger

Specialist veterinarian for small animals, has been working with the BICOM® bioresonance method in her practice since 1997.

Her philosophy is to treat sick animals as gently as possible and to cater specifically to their individual needs.

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