Bioresonance in veterinary medicine (an interview)

Horse with lyme disease well after 6 bicom sessions


The use of the BICOM® device is suitable for a wide range of symptoms such as food allergies, infectious diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, hip dysplasia, spondylosis, pain of all kinds, shock therapy after accidents and much more.

Bioresonance can be excellently combined with osteopathic treatments. But also conventional medical treatments, e.g. B. in kidney or liver insufficiency, intestinal disorders, etc. can be optimally supported with the BICOM®. These treatments are often so effective that medication can even be dispensed with afterwards.

The value of the BICOM® device lies in the fact that difficult diseases can be treated very well. You can support the body in a targeted manner so that the animal recovers better and faster.

Case: horse

  • complaints for several years
  • Extreme muscle breakdown
  • Bad overall condition
  • Aggressively reacts to touch

Diagnosis: Lyme disease

After 6 treatments with the BICOM® device, the condition has improved significantly. Horse can be touched again, aggression has subsided completely, it is very relaxed during the treatments. Will continue to be treated as burdens are still present.

Advertising in veterinary practice

Advertising is not necessary, new patients only come from recommendations. Some pet owners only come to my practice for bioresonance treatment. However, I also often receive patients from veterinarians and clinics in the area. These are primarily chronic cases in which conventional medical methods had not led to any significant improvement or healing.

I can highly recommend BICOM® Bioresonance, it is a great asset to my practice. The animals feel comfortable during the treatments and the pet owners are happy!


Dagmar Scheuffele

Veterinarian ATM. Veterinary practice since 2010 with a focus on frequency medicine. Training at the Academy of Homeopathy. Since 2013 BICOM® Bioresonance.

Uses BICOM® bioresonance in combination with other methods such as osteopathy, homeopathy and physiotherapy. Areas of application: allergies, infectious diseases, musculoskeletal system (such as hip dysplasia, spondylosis, joint inflammation), shock therapy (e.g. after accidents), pain therapy, kidney and liver insufficiency, intestinal problems (e.g. with food allergies).

Video transcript (from german)

My name is Dagmar Schäuble and I have had my veterinary practice since May 2010. My focus is frequency medicine and you got it for me in 2013 and treated it. Since then very successful. With getting I have to say that my main area can also be combined very well with other types of therapy, be it in addition to osteopathy, homeopathy or physiotherapy. So it can be used anywhere. And yes, I actually got involved through my younger daughter. She was very ill as a child. Resistant germs in a hospital and previously only conventional medicine. On the way I was then from professor to professor and clinic to clinic and unfortunately nobody was really able to help and then by chance I came across an alternative practitioner who only cured Larissa with globules and homeopathic drops. And so effectively. That fascinated me so much that I thought, well, I have to take a look at how it can work, and then I devoted myself to the matter. And the globules do not work through the active ingredient itself, but through the frequencies, through the information that is contained.

And so you just have to deal with it more closely and then I did an apprenticeship at the Academy for opathy and then I continued to educate myself in this field until I learned about my previous job, I had a real estate agency, and then I got more and more into I came to treat and then had to decide what I would do professionally, because both were no longer possible at the same time, and then I sold my real estate agency piece by piece and then started my veterinary practice as a full-time job. I used pictures for many complaints, starting with allergies, infectious diseases, the musculoskeletal system, hip plastic surgery, spondylosis, and joint inflammation. Then also about shock therapy. Now with traumatic stories, for example after accidents. So that’s great too. I also do a lot of pain therapy, even with pain therapy patients, so that you can do something for the pain first of all. Exactly for inner the whole inner organs. So renal insufficiency, liver insufficiency, intestinal problems with food allergies. Those are the main areas, I would say, in combination with other types of therapy. So in addition to homeopathy, for example, they get globules or oh, depending.

So it is usually included in a therapy plan. It usually works like this. During an opathic treatment, I find out that the patient has spondylosis, for example. Or spinal problems that have been going on for a long time. And I have to say, when I got it, I tried it out, these spine programs and these loving blockage programs and they work great. Accompanied by osteopathy, I then do those who receive treatment and from time to time opathic treatment. And so you can also stabilize horses and manage it so well that they are fully rideable again that were previously unreachable. So that works great.

Yes, that’s her, that’s an English thoroughbred with a bit of Hanoverian. We’ve had it for nine months now. Yes, what can you say about the horse or what is the problem? Externally, when we got her, she had very little muscle and already has crutches. What you can see here. And here was complaining. Or the previous owner, whom I know very, very well. I am a confidant who says she can’t get any further with the horse, she also has a very large farm and little time for it and said we should just try it with her. As I said, from the outside he was already very weak and bad for muscles, but he was also very aggressive in general behavior, always crunching, biting a lot, you could hardly groom. So if you’ve touched her like that, especially around here, she’ll immediately flatten her ears. It couldn’t have and at first just degraded, also reduced muscles. And then we did a blood count and found out that she had very bad liver values, that actually all liver values ​​were outside the norm.

And then Dagmar said it could be Lyme disease or Spiros and Ana Plasma. That was actually completely alien to me. I rather thought that it might be something like the uterus, ovaries or something, but it always seemed to me in pain. And then it was confirmed that she had Lyme disease and leptospirosis. She must have had it for a very long time because I got information from the previous owners. When she was five and six years old, she had a fever for a long time and was treated for a very long time. Yes, and then Dagmar launched a diet program and said we still have to do more, we have to go into it with a lot of feedback, because the immune system simply cannot be treated with medicine or with conventional medicine. And you have to boost the immune system so that the horse is able to actually endure it itself. And then I was very critical, especially at the beginning, but I was also a bit desperate, to be honest. Problem was easy and see what comes out of it.

And she made such signs and showed the first time, this strong yawn and this lower jaw, as if she wants to drink it up. And it has actually already been proven that a great deal can be solved together. And I’ll say the situation as it is now. We didn’t know that at all at the beginning. Her personality has improved tremendously and I think we’ve done six or seven treatments now. Amazingly fast. Yes, exactly. And the goal now is for her to get well first. Yes, exactly. Those are the signs. We look. Yes, you are fine. So, are you okay? Yes, that’s good for you. Yes it is. Fine. does she do that

For me, the response often solves a bottleneck in conventional medicine. Especially with chronic diseases such as renal insufficiency, liver insufficiency, intestinal disorders. I can support this very well with bioresonance, so that the medication can usually be discontinued and the animal can be kept very stable with an alternative for special feeding accompanied by bioresonance. I had a dog who was previously under medical treatment with severe leptospirosis. The dog was almost a year old, very thin, so skin and bones could not increase due to the severe liver damage. And that was one of the first I treated with the device. And the dog passed away here about two weeks ago now. With nine years. So I always treated him regularly with bioresonance. And so we were able to keep it very stable. And that’s the one that was very close to my heart and I think the owners are very happy that they were able to have it for so long. For me, the added value of the agreement lies in the fact that it provides support in areas that could otherwise not be dealt with so effectively.

So here with renal insufficiency, liver insufficiency. I used to do a lot of homeopathic work beforehand, also with veto, sometimes energetically and viscerally, osteopathy and so effectively that the animals can keep themselves so well for such a long time I just got it. The course of infectious diseases can also be very well supported. I can induce the pathogens with the ampoules, I can treat the n programs so that the body can deal with the disease more quickly and then have a lot of support. I come to my patients through referrals. I don’t advertise. Got a lot of patients from clinics and from the vets in the area. Especially in the case of chronic diseases, where conventional medicine cannot lead to a cure in such cases. Then they come to me. I would recommend the response, because that is a real enrichment in practice, also for pet owners, because they can see how well their pet is doing. It leads to relaxation right away in practice. They see that, it’s good for the animal. The animals find it very pleasant.

They also like to come to the practice, they lie down on the mat right away. So hook it up now, we’re doing organic and um. So good from the outside. And the treatment successes are also good. Especially with these chronic things. As I said, kidney insufficiency, where damage is already there, liver damage is there, you can keep the animal for a long time with BioResonance and it does not degrade. You can really even improve it again depending on the age of the animal. I have to say what I haven’t been able to do with any other type of therapy before. Also with infectious diseases, especially with the dogs always a lot. So I treat a lot of Lyme disease Anaplasmosis by the ticks. Yes and you can. This can also be supported very well, so that the healing process is better and faster. So many positive effects that the pet owners also notice, which they also notice. And I also have some pet owners who really only come for the response, so exclusively to me. Resonance. I have it too.

So it has to. So many wish that they also know that the pet owners are now receiving the treatment and come specifically. It’s always nice to see when the animals come and also the first time for bioresonance treatment and then something else. They don’t know it yet and then they take a look and walk around and the pet owner says no, well, he won’t lie down there. Impossible. So then I say yes, we’ll just try it out and then I’ll switch on the device before I put the mat on it so that the frequency is already running. And then she goes on the mat and the mat on top over her back and then it takes a while and then they lie there and then they relax. And then the pet owners are quite astonished and say they would never have thought that he would lie down there, the dog and him. And the animals notice what is good for them. And. And then the pet owner sees the animal relaxed and it is good for him and usually the time afterwards, when they are at home.

Most of the effect is noticeable and in such a way that both animals and pet owners like to come back. Yes, I would be happy if the response spread further and many opened up to it, because you can really help the animals and still achieve so much good with Virus Finanz.

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