“Only a chronically ill patient is a good patient?”

Dr Lutz Mauer tells his story

That’s what it was called when I was studying in the 2000s. However, this (cynical) statement was not compatible with my intention to use my knowledge for the welfare of animals and to help them in the best possible way. From an early age I was looking for holistic treatment approaches. My first choice fell on homeopathy and acupuncture. I became aware of the bioresonance method through an advertising campaign in 2003 and quickly decided to purchase a BICOM® bioresonance device for my practice. At that time, device therapies were relatively popular with pet owners. Such treatments were well received and were therefore also an economically sensible addition to my repertoire of methods.

At first I used the device more at will. The results were not really convincing. After I had dealt in more detail with the systematics of bioresonance and the targeted application possibilities of this form of therapy at seminars and had learned to carry out certain biophysical tests myself, I finally had really good success! Standard training also pays off in this area.

Find loads quickly

Now I was able to specifically test the therapy programs that were suitable for the animal and uncover substances that were dangerous for the animal’s organism. Gradually I also bought test kits, so that I now have a stringent and quick way to find stress and disruptive factors. Very often I can identify causes in chronic cases that have “been treated to the end” that we would not have expected and, secondly, would not have found using conventional methods. In addition, the bioresonance method offers the possibility of releasing blockages and strengthening the elimination organs. All without drugs and without harmful side effects! All in all, I have a gentle and effective method here to help the animals holistically.

initiate self-regulation

I have increasingly expanded alternative medicine in my practice because I have many more options in therapy and diagnosis here. In my opinion, conventional medicine is good and important for acute conditions, but I can’t expect an organism to take medication for the rest of its life, that’s completely counterproductive. If the animal’s self-regulation and regeneration is severely disturbed, I can use the bioresonance method to bring the organism back into balance and start self-regulation again.

Cellular Information Exchange

I’ve always had a weakness for physics. In the last 15 years I have collected a lot of material about subtle connections and the cellular exchange of information and in this context I have found proof of why the bioresonance method works. I’m glad I integrated them into my practice. Pet owners quickly realize that this method is conducive to the recovery of their pet. Treatment successes are also the best argument for countering critics.

Dr medical vet Lutz Mauer

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