Dachshund Rambo with food intolerance

Dachshund Rambo with food intolerance

A patient report from animal owner Patricia

My Rambo is my little sunshine. He makes me laugh when I’m sad and he’s always with me. That’s why it’s particularly bad for me when he’s feeling bad and he can’t tell me what’s wrong with him.

At the end of 2020 he suddenly lost a lot and ate very badly. He kept having diarrhea and fever. I took him to the vet clinic. Blood was drawn, he was X-rayed, punctured, examined and blood drawn again. For weeks I was busy giving pills, preparing diet food, taking my temperature and driving back to the vet clinic. But he wasn’t really feeling any better. He was getting thinner and just sat around listlessly. I often had to walk him and carry him home because he had no strength left.

A colleague then gave me the phone number of an alternative animal practitioner and in my desperation I called her right away. The next day she came to our house and she took a lot of time for my rascal. At the end of the appointment she explained bioresonance to me and that she would like to treat my dog ​​with it.

Everything was fine with me, because I really wanted him to get better. Two days later the animal healer called me and told me that she had the test result. Rambo doesn’t tolerate his food, so he has chronic intestinal inflammation and therefore the bloody diarrhea, she said.

I completely changed his diet after he had been on a bland diet for about 6 weeks. In the beginning he was treated with bioresonance twice a week, after that only once a week. The animal healer always came to my house and brought the bioresonance device with her.

Rambo thought that was great because he was allowed to lie on his beloved couch in my blanket while the therapy was running. After three months he was fit as a fiddle again. He no longer had diarrhea and gained weight again. I am very grateful that I found this opportunity and would always call “my” animal healer in the future if something happened to him again. My wish is that the veterinarians in the veterinary clinic should also be able to experience and experience what options they have with the bioresonance device, because then they could help more animals even better.

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Dachshund Rambo with food intolerance

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