BICOM® Therapy for falcon with bumblefoot

pododermatitis: a common foot infection in birds of prey

Client Name: Evelyn Brey Dubai

Falcon breeder impressed

I have been living in Dubai for 22 years and work as a BICOM® therapist. One day a sheikh who bred falcons asked if I could help him as two of his Saker falcons were suffering from bumblefoot (ulcers on the ball of the foot, pododermatitis).

The two birds could no longer be used for hunting. The ulcers on their feet were so large that they could no longer stand properly. They were off their food and were probably also in pain. All in all, they were so weak that they were no longer able to fly, let alone hunt.

The owner had already lost several birds to bumblefoot. Since conventional medical methods (antibiotics, ointments, etc.) had not helped, he came to me although he was highly skeptical of this method of treatment. He was even so wary initially that he only allowed me to treat one falcon. Only when he saw that this animal was quickly recovering, – its condition improved just a few days after the first BICOM® treatment and the wound began to close – was I permitted to look at the second bird. This one had additional respiratory problems.

I treated the first bird twice and the second three times at weekly intervals.

I used discharge from the ulcer for the treatment, feeding its information into the BICOM® device and modulating it with pre-installed programs to create therapy frequency patterns.

Treatment was straightforward and progressed without a hitch. The breeder was very impressed and astonished that everything went so smoothly, causing the birds no stress, and that the symptoms had disappeared after just three weeks.

He was so convinced by this successful outcome brought about by the bioresonance method that he immediately recommended me to other falcon breeders.

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