BICOM® bioresonance therapy: Offering help when all else has failed?

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Astrid Harte, Vet and non-medical practitioner

Initial skepticism overturned by convincing experience

When my daughter contracted neurodermatitis at the age of two, I followed the conventional treatment route since, as a conventionally trained vet, I wanted nothing to do with all the alternative “mumbo jumbo”.

That started a veritable odyssey from one GP to another, none of whom was able to offer my daughter any relief. Until a BICOM® therapist in Osnabrück was recommended to me. My daughter’s symptoms disappeared after just three treatment sessions and that’s still the case today! This made me revise my thinking and also opened up a new avenue for my veterinary practice.

I mainly treat allergies but I also use the BICOM® device for all other conditions. The main issues with horses are skin problems or chronic coughing.

Often all the options offered by conventional medicine have been exhausted and the animal’s owners are looking for a last resort.

Where in the past I would have had to prescribe antibiotics or cortisone, fortunately, I only need to do this in a very few cases these days.

One of my most recent cases was an eight-year-old mongrel that had been suffering day and night from severe permanent itching for the past five years. His paws were bleeding and scabby from scratching and gave off a foul-smelling discharge; the whole underside of his throat was bald with severe pyoderma. He had been treated with conventional medical methods for five years. My BICOM® testing revealed that this dog was infected with dermatophytes, mites, and Streptococcus. After three weeks bioresonance treatment the animal’s ears had healed, his itching had disappeared and his hair had started to grow again.

I was able to use BICOM® therapy right from the start and news of my success quickly spread. I am a committed practitioner of BICOM® therapy and an enthusiastic advocate of this form of treatment. Bioresonance therapy has considerably increased the catchment area of my practice.

There was a real deluge of patients when I first introduced BICOM® therapy into my veterinary practice and the first device soon paid for itself.

I am convinced that conventional medicine, by itself, often cannot achieve the desired outcome and that many human and animal patients are treated too quickly with drugs without really looking into the root cause. I’ve treated around 80% of my cases successfully purely with BICOM® therapy.

I am now using a second device in my practice and have trained as a non-medical practitioner since, having seen how quickly their animals were treated, the owners now want to be treated with the BICOM®.

Read this brochure to learn how bioresonance works in veterinary practice.