A vet takes up the story:

German bioresonance vet

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Denzinger

“Actually I used the BICOM® device from necessity”

The case involved a mare with a one-dayold foal. The owner had vaccinated the horse himself with Resequin, a vaccine against herpes and influenza. The next day the mare displayed a severe allergy and reacted to this vaccine with a temperature of 40 degrees. She had stopped producing milk and her overall state of health was deteriorating visibly. I first treated her by conventional methods but achieved precisely nothing. By the evening the mare’s condition had deteriorated. She had a temperature of 41 degrees, a respiratory rate of 80 – 90, her nostrils were flared, her pulse rate was high and she was soaking wet from front to back. She was in agony – not far from death. The mare stood in the corner with her legs splayed. There was little point in giving infusions as it is not possible to treat shock in horses.

So I used the BICOM® device – the elimination program – to bring the fever down. During the treatment the animal became dry from front to back. Her breathing returned to normal and her pulse rate was almost normal. Her temperature was perhaps still slightly high during treatment – it dropped from 41 to 39.2 degrees. The mare suddenly ran around again like normal and also took an interest in her foal once more. Unbelievable.”

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