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Long‐haired shepherds Franze and Fanny with itching and diarrhoea

Long‐haired shepherds Franze and Fanny with itching and diarrhoea

A patient report from the animal keepers Margarete and Peter Our two long‐haired shepherd dogs, Franze and Fanny, are the focus of our lives. They are siblings and we picked them up from a breeder when they were 8 weeks old. Unfortunately, our joy didn’t last long, because at the age of about 11 months both dogs […]

Bioresonance Therapy And Pet Allergies

Pet allergy relief

Pets are adored by millions of people. Approximately 36.5% of American households own at least one dog, and around 30.4% own at least one cat, as reported by AVMA. One of the most unfortunate conditions to suffer from is pet allergies, especially for those individuals who truly adore their cat or dog. Pet allergies can […]

Treatment options for headshaking syndrome

horse with headshaking syndrome

Client Name: Karina Diehl, holistic animal healer The horse could no longer be ridden as he continually moved his head back and forth as he was ridden. In July last year I was called out by an animal owner to her nine-year-old Bavarian gelding Worlando. Worlando shook his head permanently and had a white discharge from […]

Little Schnuffi

guinea pig having Bioresonance

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Andrea Karbe-Hachmann “Schnuffi“, a smooth-haired guinea pig, was treated with bioresonance therapy following a cystotomy with the removal of a bladder stone and an ovariohysterectomy and recovered astonishingly quickly. After just a short time the animal was already incredibly lively. Dr. med. vet. Andrea Karbe-Hachmann Spring 2004 If you are […]

BICOM® bioresonance therapy: Offering help when all else has failed?

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Astrid Harte, Vet and non-medical practitioner Initial skepticism overturned by convincing experience When my daughter contracted neurodermatitis at the age of two, I followed the conventional treatment route since, as a conventionally trained vet, I wanted nothing to do with all the alternative “mumbo jumbo”. That started a veritable odyssey […]